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The Serial Killer Whisperer


About Amanda Howard

How does someone become a serial killer whisperer?

At three years old, I stood staring up at the adults around me at a party. I listened to them whisper about a man in the room. "He's a killer, don't you know?" I followed their gaze to the innocuous man across the room. "He doesn't look like a killer" I thought.  Since then I have studied, interviewed and written to and about hundreds of serial killers from across the globe.  I have published 26 books, appeared on countless TV and radio programs and you may see my face in various newspapers and magazines. When I am not chasing killers, I am hosting my own podcast: Monsters Who Murder: Serial Killers Confessions or curating my travelling death and crime museum, Memento Mori.

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It's the podcast dividing listeners as we bring unique insights and interviews with the world's most notorious serial killers. Our case files bring you the facts, but our exclusive interviews show you another side -- the human side. Amanda Howard is a best selling true crime author who doesn't just talk about serial killers, she talks to them. Now Amanda is sharing almost 30 years worth of research, including letters and never-before-heard recordings that will shed new light on famous cases. Our weekly news section brings you the latest developments from the world of true crime with insight on each story.
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Recent Press

Murder she wrote: I write letters to killers, including the late Ivan Milat

Jan 21, 2020

Letters from Ivan Milat: Amanda Howard's exchanges with the convicted killer

Nov 13, 2019

'Ivan Milat has been writing to me for 20 years. He says he's innocent.'

Aug 17, 2019

Why woman writes hundreds of letters to serial killers

Mar 18, 2019

Amanda Howard: The Serial Killer Whisperer

Mar 1, 2019

Amanda Howard writing on serial killers

Mar 18, 2019




What is in the words of a serial killer?

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All the Data, None of the Guesswork

There has been so many articles about serial killer horoscopes and gender. So putting my data and research skills to work I am creating the single largest database on serial killers.  The data will be published soon!

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Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.

Friedrich Nietzsche


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