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Kathleen Folbigg was sent to prison for the deaths of her four babies. The evidence shows that she is also a victim. Read the evidence for yourself.


Kath stood before the special inquiry begging the courts to admit the medical files into evidence that proved her children's deaths were due to medical and genetic issues.


Clockwise from top left:
Patrick, Laura, Caleb, Sarah


The Folbigg Files

Read the files and decide if an innocent grieving mother has been falsely incarcerated

Exhibit List

List of exhibits tendered

Exhibit A

Expert report of Dr Alison Colley dated 26 November 2018

Exhibit B

Judgements bundle tendered at directions hearing held on 25 October 2018

Exhibit C

Report of Stephen Cordner undated and report of Michael Pollanen dated 1 June 2015

Exhibit D

A copy of the text titled “SIDS Sudden Infant and Early Childhood Death the past, the present and the future”

Exhibit E

Exhibits tendered at 2003 trial

Exhibit F (Amended)

Large 1500 page file

Exhibit G

Further set of documents from 2003 trial

Exhibit H

Forensic Pathology Tender Bundle

Exhibit J

Expert report of Professor Rosemary Horne

Exhibit K

Expert report of Professor Dawn Elder

Exhibit L

Expert report of Professor Johan Duflou

Exhibit M

Expert report of Dr Allan Cala

Exhibit N

Supplementary report of Dr Allan Cala


Exhibit O

Expert report of Professor John Hilton

Exhibit P

Affidavit of Professor John Hilton

Exhibit Q

Expert report of Professor Stephen Cordner

Exhibit R

Letter of Professor Stephen Cordner

Exhibit S

Section of Patrick's medical records

Exhibit T

Expert report of Professor Cecelia Blackwell dated 5 March 2019

Exhibit U

Further expert report of Professor Cecelia Blackwell undated

Exhibit V

Further expert report of Professor Cecilia Blackwell dated 13 March 2019

Exhibit W

Expert reports of Emeritus Professor Robert Clancy AM dated 13 March 2019 and 17 March 2019

Exhibit X

Expert report of Professor William Rawlinson undated

Exhibit Y

Expert report of Professor Jon Skinner dated 31 March 2019

Exhibit Z

Joint expert report of Dr Michael Buckley, Professor Edwin Kirk and Dr Alison Colley